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Herein begins the epic saga of our hero, the misfortunate but always cheerful 'Ultimate Role-Player', ImaNewbie, as he embarks on a grand adventure throughout the length and breadth of that wonderous land known as Britannia. These 'toons span a period of about four years and contain a history of many of the events, happenings, controversies, scandals, problems, patches, changes and additions to Ultima Online as it evolved (and continues to evolve) over the years.

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Episode 1: a conversation at the crossroads.
Episode 2: battling a vicious monster.
Episode 3: an encounter with a thief.
Episode 4: purchasing a recall rune.
Episode 5: tries to join a guild.
Episode 6: visits his first dungeon.
Episode 7: buys a boat!
Episode 8: casts a Polymorph spell.
Episode 9: tries his hand at lumberjacking.
Episode 10: the killer chicken
Episode 11: an encounter with an Orc Lord
Episode 12: purchases a house
*Special*: ImaNewbie is Back in (True) Black!
Episode 13: purchases his first horse
Episode 14: an encounter with a sheep
Episode 15: I will take thee!
Episode 16: puchasing a rune, Revisited
Episode 17: a meeting with Lord British
Episode 18: the great chicken conspiracy
Episode 19: ImaNewbie tries his hand at mining
Episode 20: Ima buys a dungeon rune
Episode 21: Ima & Friend vs the Killer Chicken
Episode 22: the Shrine of Justice
Episode 23: Ima meets the girl of his dreams!
Episode 24: Ima's Gone Fishin'!
Episode 25: Return of the Killer Chicken
Episode 26: Purchasing a Used Dragon
Episode 27: Gate Travel 101
Episode 28: Ima works on his Magic Resist
Episode 29: ImaNewbie and the Alchemist
Episode 30: Ima, Lord British and Rep
Episode 31: ImaNewbie buys a used house
Episode 32: The reputation patch - Part 2
Episode 33: ImaNewbie's got a Girlfriend!
Episode 34: ImaNewbie forms a new Guild
Episode 35: ImaNewbie gets attacked by Pirates
Episode 36: Ima helps a fellow player
Episode 37: Ima's Guild begins Combat Training
Episode 38: Ima's Guild takes on the Killer Chickens
Episode 39: ImaNewbie's Cheatin' on Irma!
Episode 40: ImaNewbie visits the 'Second Age'
Episode 41: A 'Bobs' vs 'Freds' War!
Episode 42: The Second Age - Part Deux
Episode 43: Ima and Irma - together again
*Special*: ImaNewbie in T2A Beta!
Episode 44: Irma's Revenge!
Episode 45: Monsters trapped in Houses
Episode 46: Ima and the Explosion Potions
Episode 47: Ima and the Magic Plate Legs
Episode 48: ImaNewbie in Training
Episode 49: ImaNewbie and the Hedge Maze
Episode 50: ImaNewbie and the Wandering Healer
Episode 51: The L.O.S.E.R.S. attack a PK Stronghold
Episode 52: ImaNewbie buys a vendor
Episode 53: A Day at the Beach
Episode 54: Ima Explores the New Lands
Episode 55: ImaNewbie and the Lost Tribe of Amazon Women (Part 1)
Episode 56: ImaNewbie and the Lost Tribe of Amazon Women (Part 2)
Episode 57: ImaNewbie and the Lost Tribe of Amazon Women (Part 3)
Episode 58: ImaNewbie and the Lost Tribe (The conclusion)
Episode 59: The Fall and Rise of ImaNewbie (Part 1)
Episode 60: The Fall and Rise of ImaNewbie (Part 2)
Episode 61: The Fall and Rise of ImaNewbie (The conclusion)
Episode 62: ImaNewbie finds a Treasure Map
Episode 63: ImaNewbie has an identity crisis
Episode 64: Something Strange Going On Here
Episode 65: Desperately Seeking Irma (Part 1)
Episode 66: Desperately Seeking Irma (Part 2)
Episode 67: Desperately Seeking Irma (Part 3)
Episode 68: The Conspiracy (Part 1)
Episode 69: The Conspiracy (Part 2)
Episode 70: The Conspiracy (Part 3)
Episode 71: The Conspiracy (Part 4)
Episode 72: The Conspiracy (The Trial)
Episode 73: The Conspiracy (The Verdict)
Episode 74: Ima and the Giant Frog
Episode 75: Conversation with a Troll
Episode 76: Fishing can be hazardous
Episode 77: The Killer Chicken Strikes Again
Episode 78:A Room with a View
Episode 79:Back to the Future (Part 1)
Episode 80:Back to the Future (Part 2)
Episode 81:Back to the Future (Part 3)
Episode 82:Something Wicked This Way Comes (Part 1)
Episode 83:Something Wicked This Way Comes (Part 2)
Episode 84:Something Wicked This Way Comes (Part 3)
Episode 85:Something Wicked This Way Comes (Part 4)
Episode 86:Son of ImaNewbie (Part 1)
Episode 87:Son of ImaNewbie (Part 2)
Episode 88:The Great Item/Ticket Trade-In
Episode 89:Son of ImaNewbie (Part 3)
Episode 90:Son of ImaNewbie (Part 4)
Episode 91:ImaNewbie and the Renaissance
Episode 92:ImaNewbie does Escorting!
Episode 93:The New Housing Rules
Episode 94:No PvP Zones
Episode 95:Improved Monster AI
Episode 96:Son of ImaNewbie (Part 5)
Episode 97:Son of ImaNewbie (Part 6)
Episode 98:ImaNewbie does Trammel?
Episode 99:Postcards from Felucca
Episode 100:Boyz in da (Sister)Hood
Episode 101:The Great Trammel Land Rush
Episode 102:A Tribute to Lord British
Episode 103:We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto
Episode 104:We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto (Part 2)
Episode 105:We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto (Part 3)
Episode 106:We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto (Part 4)
Episode 107:We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto (Part 5)
Episode 108:We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto (conclusion)
Episode 109:There's no place like home!
Episode 110:Oh Lord, Stuck in Felucca
Episode 111:If You're Red, You're Dead!
Episode 112:You Can't Get There from Here
Episode 113:ImaNewbie and the Duper
Episode 114:The NeverEnding Story
Episode 115:Another Chicken Tale
Episode 116:And Now, a Word from Our Sponsors
Episode 117:ImaNewbie the Dragon Tamer
Episode 118:We Built this City
Episode 119:Where the 'HELL' am I?
Episode 120:I Don't Get NO Respect!
Episode 121:The Morning After
Episode 122:Poetic Justice
Episode 123:No Refunds or Exchanges
Episode 124:Player Rewards
Episode 125:Battle of the Bands
Episode 126:Top Ten Veteran Player Rewards
Episode 127:Trick or Treat!
Episode 128:Who Says DoOdZ Can't Roleplay
Episode 129:Ima Through the Looking Glass
Episode 130:Santa Claus is Coming to Brit!
Episode 131:Santa's Revenge
Episode 132:New Year's Resolutions
Episode 133:Find a Penny, Pick it Up...
Episode 134:Gone Hollywood
Episode 135:Survivor - the Lost Episode
Episode 136:The more things change...
Episode 137:ImaNewbie and the Magic Halberd
Episode 138:Where Have All the PKs Gone?
Episode 139:Shop 'Till You're Dropped
Episode 140:In Danger of Collapsing
Episode 141:Veteran Rewards Revisited
Episode 142:The End, or at least the Beginning of The End. (Part 1)
Episode 143:The End, or at least the Beginning of The End. (Part 2)
Episode 144:The End, or at least the Beginning of The End. (Part 3)
Episode 145:The End, or at least the Beginning of The End. (Part 4)
Episode 146:Stranger in a Strange Land
Episode 147:What Goes Around Comes Around

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